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The TRANSACT project is a joint initiative of two Ethiopian universities, one agricultural research organizations, one Austrian funded rural development program and one Austrian university. The main objective of the project is to strengthen the transformation competences of the Ethiopian consortium partners in research and training. Such transformation competences demand institutional capacities that translate into new partnerships and learning alliances allowing higher education and research to become more effective development partner and community service providers in North Gondar.
This is important, because in North Gondar there is untapped potential for social, economic and technical transformation that would gradually improves lives and livelihoods of farmers. These include technical improvements in agricultural and natural resource management, the realisation of new income opportunities, and thus the transformation from rural worlds with farmers living in poverty and social injustice to a rural society experiencing equality and prosperity. The realisation of this potential is certainly challenging and requires public and private actors to join forces with farmers and rural communities.

The TRANSACT projects helps university lecturers and researchers to respond more effectively to transformation opportunities among farmers in complex and risk-prone rural areas. A particular emphasis of this project is placed on learning and human behaviour as well as communication and collective action, especially in connection with society interactions that mediate change. This goes way beyond training conflict management skills and puts capabilities to coach farmers during transformation processes into the foreground. Hence, through this project much more effective linkages between research, higher education and extension will be realized.


The TRANSACT project is made visible through a dissemination strategy including information days, stakeholder meetings and workshops, TRANSACT website. Brochures and posters, publications , farmers experience sharing events and others .

The TRANSACT consortium meets biannually to review the project activities according to the proposal and to discuss result-oriented matters of project management, tasks and responsibilities of consortium members, as well as further steps of project implementation.

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Next to the biannual conferences hosted by one of the Ethiopian partners, a final symposium is held at the end of the project and different stakeholders are invited to be informed about the results of the project. During this symposium results are presented and possible replication strategies for other universities are demonstrated.